Cute and Comfy Attire: 15 Knitted Baby Bootie Patterns

Just because its summer time now doesnt mean its time to stop knitting for yourself, or even for other people! In fact, this is a great time to knit because come fall and winter when everyones cold, youll have plenty of lovely knitted gifts on hand all ready to go. We love stockpiling certain knitted things because we find them useful and always in demand, especially in the baby department. Whats our favourite baby thing to knit en masse and give away when its needed, you ask? Booties, of course! Theyre simple, quick to do, and every new family needs them in abundance. They also come in more adorable designs than youre probably even prepared for. Check out these 15 irresistibly sweet knitted baby bootie patterns that will keep the little ones in your life nice and toasty while you keep busy!


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