Not for Everyone: 14 Stunningly Beautiful DIY Infinity Mirrors

Every once in a while we find ourselves a new DIY obsession thats something we only really need one copy of, but its something so cool that we want to make just about every single version of the project we can get our hands on! The latest example of this kind of crafting fixation is DIY infinity mirrors. If youve never seen one before, then prepare to be impressed! There are only so many light-up optical illusion mirrors you can put in your house without turning the whole place into a disco, however, so weve spent ages on the Internet scrolling through project options and carefully considering which one would suit our space best. Just in case youre as enamoured with the glowing beauty of infinity mirrors as we are, heres a list of our 14 favourite DIY infinity mirror projects that we just cant choose between because theyre all so great!


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