Finding Space with Creativity: 14 Smart Homemade Bookshelves

In our house, reading is the number one hobby for everyone in the family (besides crafting, of course). Every single person living here, right down to the youngest child, can usually be found curled up somewhere comfortable reading a good book if you havent heard a peep out of them for a while. Were proud to have such a literary family and were very pleased indeed that our kids are just as avid bookworms as we are, but well also be the first to admit that the rate at which we all read is kind of taking over our home. There are books everywhere! Because were also an avid crafting family too, however, were sure itll come as no surprise to you that we use our DIY skills to make new places to put our books rather than just buying pre-made bookshelves from the store. Just in case youre as interested in the idea of making DIY bookshelves for all your precious novels as we were, here are 14 of the best homemade ideas that weve come across so far in our search to choose the one thats best for us.


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