12 Unconventional Knitting Patterns that Venture Beyond the Mundane

Were avid knitters of the highest degree. No, seriously- if you ever need to know where we are on our spare time, just look in the nearest quiet corner and youll find us knitting furiously on at least one project, with others scattered in little project bags around our feet. We knit all kinds of things and many of them are your average traditional knitters staples, like hats, scarves, and sweaters. We adore making these things and theyre usually the bulk of what were knitting at any given time, but every once in a while its nice to change things up and knit something totally random, kind of unconventional, or just plain fun. Check out these 12 awesomely unique knitting projects that the other enthusiasts in your local knitting group probably havent tried yet (but will probably want to by the time youre done)!

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