Getting Ready for Warmer Weather: 15 Light Sweater Knitting Patterns for Spring

A knitted sweater might not sound like something youd wear or make as the weather warms up but, where we come from, spring is actually a time of year that can still get a little chilly every once in a while until summer properly settles in. Thats why we always make sure to keep a light sweater on hand each day, just in case the cool winds pick up! As the avid knitters we are, of course, wed much rather make our own light spring sweaters than buy them. We really like treating ourselves to a new sweater each spring, so weve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for new patterns we havent tried before in order to pick which sweater well make this season! Just in case youre as big a fan of the idea of knitting yourself a new light spring sweater for the new warmer season as we were, if not more, here are 15 patterns weve come across so far in our search.


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