These Stunning Custom Wood Maps Look Like Modern Abstract Art

I am a carpenter artist creating a custom wooden map in a modern style. However by profession, I am an urban architect. In my free time I visit new places. I like reaching for inspirations that lie on the streets of a big cities. When I am looking for inspiration and peace, I take my steps to the forest to spend time in nature listening to the silence. I have studied in Tokyo for many years. During the time spent in Japan has allowed me to discover a connection between nature and art, which in the country of blooming cherry is reflected in many areas of life. I have learned to appreciate natural materials and refine all created elements in the smallest detail.- Hubert Roguski says. I combined the passion of design with love for the forest and created wooden maps of cities. Each custom wooden map I have created was a challenging work. In addition I have been awarded several prestigious awards for CityWood design, among others German Design Award 2019.


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