75 Small Kitchen Solutions to Make Them Brighter and Space-Savvy

Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of your home and it is one space that keeps everyone and everything else in the house running smoothly. No matter how small or large a kitchen is, there are plenty of smart solutions that help it make a whole lot brighter, space-savvy and organized. While these clever ideas are often relegated to the small and modest kitchens, they also work very well in larger kitchens that are in need of a quick makeover. Everything from mirrored finishes to nifty corner shelves and ergonomic design, can help you with this makeover. This is a look at 75 kitchens that have been transformed using these clever ideas that vary from those that visually make it larger to ones that truly expand its storage and organizational capacities. Different things work in different kitchens and a lot depends on your budget, style and space constraints that you have to work around. Step in and discover the very best.

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