Custom hand crafted kitchen sinks made in the USA

Hello, this is Dino Rachiele, owner of Rachiele Custom Sinks. Every aspect of my custom fitted sink designs is based on my previous 22 year career (1977-1998) as a professional kitchen designer (specializing in ergonomics) - designing thousands of custom kitchen projects, as well as installing a few myself. The rest of the sink industry knows how to build a sink well. They just don't have the unique background to know why to build one that is efficient, ergonomically correct, etc. I am a seasoned sink designer. Designing a sink is like designing custom clothing. You have the choice of buying off the rack or having one fitted. Obviously, the fitted clothing fits better and is more comfortable. The same is true with the most used appliance in the kitchen - the sink! "One sink design does not fit all". Sinks should be fitted based on the user(s) height, handedness and many other factors. A properly fitted sink will be much more comfortable and much more efficient to use than a generic sink. I have received thousands of emails expressing that fact from past clients. Designing fitted sinks is my passion for being in business. I love what I do and take a great deal of enjoyment knowing that I have significantly and positively impacted the daily lives of thousands of families. In order for me to design your sink, I must get to know you a bit and I ask many questions that impact location of drain, depth of bowl, height of ledge system and more. My goal is to save my clients hundreds of hours a year and make kitchen tasks not only easy, comfortable and efficient, but enjoyable. Based on almost daily positive email feedback from past clients, I believe that I have been successful in this endeavor. This joy is what makes it easy to come in the office 6-7 days a week. Please don't compare our handcrafted sinks with other sinks on the market. Our bespoke sinks are in a totally different league. Comparing a Rachiele sink to other brands is like comparing a Bentley to a Chevy - both are cars, but that is about where the similarity ends. 99% of our sinks are custom made, not mass produced or on a shelf waiting to be shipped. They are made to fit you, not the masses. So why would you need a custom sink? Comfort and Efficiency! Not everyone is 5'6" tall. Not everyone is right handed. Not everyone prepares meals the same way. I will work with you to help determine the most efficient and comfortable sink possible.


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