Organization and Storage Ideas for Eclectic Kitchen: 25 Smart Inspirations

Eclectic is admittedly not a design style for everyone. It is a style that seems so very frivolous on the surface and yet demands and incredible amount of discipline as well. Eclectic spaces need to be as carefully nurtured as rooms with any other theme and style. In fact, there are occasions when it requires more care than normal because you are trying to bind together so many different, contrasting elements. It is a great way to express your personality and personal taste for dcor and accessories. At the same time, you must take care that things do not feel too cluttered. This is even truer in the modern eclectic kitchen with its many intricacies. Giving eclectic kitchens a greater amount of design and decorating freedom are smart organizational solutions and storage spaces that take the pressure off of you. Sometimes you can turn to open, floating shelves and on other occasions you can use closed cabinets and series of wall-mounted modular units to ensure that the kitchen feels both aesthetic and functional. Revamping the eclectic kitchen and giving your existing kitchen a new ergonomic upgrade, these 25 lovely ideas promise to deliver in more ways than one


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