Captivating Design and Innovation from Concertex

Concertex introduces an ultrasonically embossed polyurethane and keystone of the fall collection, Topo. The word Topo is a short form of the word Topography, which is the term used for the study of dimension in a landscape. I have always been fascinated by topographic maps; they have a very minimal, serene feeling that I have always been intrigued by. Says Design Director Aaron Mensik. I wanted to design a pattern inspired by the shaping of the landscape through wind, water and the movements of the earth. Topos intersecting lines dance in a captivating rhythm across the face of the 52 upholstery. Combining a digitally printed solid contour and an embossed metallic dotted line, the design is rather captivating. The unique polyurethane is as striking as it is durable. Boasting over 100,000 double rubs, Topo also has a Graffiti Free finish for additional protection against ink and stains. Offered in eight colorways, ranging from stunning neutrals to energetic hues, the large-scale pattern is sure to be a showstopper in all hospitality and contract interiors.


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