Sweet CoRncrete

CoRncrete is posited as an alternative building material to concrete as a biomaterial that is made of corn starch, water, and sand. This project focuses on the novel utilization of the bioreceptive material CoRncrete, and its potential applications in architecture. As the first design study of CoRncrete, the relationship between CoRncrete and architectural digital design is rigorously explored and tested. Since the material is straightforward to mix and fabricate from household ingredients, accessibility of fabrication was a major theme of the project. The idea of a microwave army is to arm everyday citizens with architectural knowledge and fabrication methods via a microwave baking methodology that they can employ for impromptu projects to community-based design builds. Utilizing 3D point organizations based on an perfect-packing octahedron grid, we created individual components and various aggregations, testing different speculative architectures through tiers of scale, space, and programme. Overall, the goal of this research is to discover new methodologies and technologies of architectural fabrication in addition to testing the potential benefits of materials sourced from renewable, biological resources. The projects findings culminate at the annual Bpro Show at the Bartlett, in which prototypes of novel architectural ideas are exhibited and showcased.

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