Yellow Goat Designs Dreamy New Collection: The Ombre Experiment

Our Fall 2019 collection is based on the idea of the surreal edges that exist between the dreaming and waking world and the wonderful change of the colors, tints, and shades we witness every morning and night. This is The Ombre Experiment that we are literally witnessing each day. The world and its ever-expanding collection of colored hues are whirling around us. Now watch those moving tints and shades transforming from light to dark. Its a lucid dream. This series of pendants, sculptural chandeliers, and architectural screens made from hand dyed acrylics, powder coated laser cut metals, and wood, uniquely capture this extraordinary spectacle, be it wildly organic or sophisticatedly structured. Whether its the Perpetual Night screen bringing the aurora into the daylight with a wooden, undulating screen, your childhood question of Love me or Love Me Not reflected in our hand dyed flower acrylic screen, the meditative flickr of a transitory candle in our Blur pendant, or the bold dawn of color in our digitally printed Awakening fixture, you are waking up to live the lucid dream that these beautiful handcrafted creations embody.


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