Alice is a gossiper

These chairs speak and gossip but receive with nobility in the fine Portuguese way. From the carpenter to the barmaid, from the librarian to the tourist, everyone will admire our Alice. After all, a chair is much more than a chair. Without fear of the passage of time, Alice is an iconic chair, light and elegant. With architectural inspiration, it is oriented very vertically. The two hind legs are gossips, they are turned on themselves so that they can talk. From this dialogue comes the twisting of the backrest that ensures comfort and cosiness - their stories. The Alice chair is stackable and comes in two different versions: backrest and seat molded in plywood and dark cork sheet or light cork sheet. Both combine a solid wood structure made of ash, oak or walnut. Even simple and light, Alice knows how to receive with nobility in the fine Portuguese way, being ideal for a wide variety of spaces such as the restaurant, the office, the hotel room, the school, the dining room, the waiting room. In each place, each Alice will have a story to gossip.


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