13 Cold-Busting Work Gloves For Winter Labors

Choosing your winter work gloves is all about finding a happy medium. They need to be thin enough that you can get a tactile feel for what is under your fingertips, but not so thin they let all the heat seep away, reducing your paws to icy sausages with no sensation. They need to have specialized grips for grapping metal that is below freezing without slipping, and provide a level of compression that will help keep circulation going out to your digits. Strong enough for the tough jobs, but soft enough that they wont abrade dry, weathered skin, heres how to keep your hands in the game and on task. Though anything on here will give you a solid season worth of work, the ideal set of work gloves for cold weather isnt a single glove at all, but a combination of a soft liner glove that feels good on your hand, and a thicker shell glove usually leather, deerskin, or something equally durable. This combination is warmth layering for your hands and gives you both a soft interior and a rugged exterior. Then you can mix and match bargain gloves until you find the combination that works for your hands. Otherwise, theres always

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