Clap The combination of stone with polymer revolutionises indoor coverings

The choice of indoor coverings is vast and not only dictated by aesthetic and price factors: it is increasingly the technological avant-garde applied to production processes that makes the difference. Paolo Damiani, founding partner and director of marketing and communication of Dco, a leading company in the sector of indoor and outdoor coverings, presents Clap! and examines the advantages and disadvantages of different indoor solutions. Why choose Clap!? Instead of other more traditional coverings such as stone and wood? The market of interior coverings offers various solutions, very different in appearance, quality and price. Dco loves to anticipate market trends and introduce the most innovative technologies, the result of extensive research applied to the cladding market. In this sense, Clap! represents a real revolution. It is a unique product that combines the charm and refinement of traditional materials such as wood and stone, with highly superior technical features and performance compared to these materials, made possible by our constant striving for technological innovation. Let's examine, one by one, the advantages of Clap!: Revolutionary technology Clap! today it is the real novelty in the new generation indoor coverings sector, as it is made with a cutting-edge material, the result of an exclusive technology that makes it unique and revolutionary: a mineral powder combined with a polymeric component. With finished thickness of 3 and 5 mm, Clap! includes the laying mat and presents an unparalleled resistance to wear, minimal expansion, ultra-realism and unparalleled stability. Extreme realism A vast choice of finishes and formats: wood-effect slats and maxi-planks, large-format stone-effect tiles, a complete range of colours and solutions to create unique atmospheres, guaranteeing extremely high performance, versatility and the ability to harmonise environments: in the residential sector - from the living room to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom - and in the contract, from commercial to public spaces. Pleasant warmth The Clap! surface offers, such as the wooden floors and unlike stone, pleasant tactile sensations, giving back a pleasant sense of warmth even when presented as an imitation of stones or resin. Resistance Superior to parquet and ceramics, very high resistance to abrasion, scratches and shocks are among the ultimate appreciated characteristics of Clap!. Total absence of joint lines Not presenting joint lines between the slats, Clap! is immune to humidity infiltration and therefore suitable for both residential and highly frequented commercial environments. Totally waterproof The U-Click interlock system allows the installation of the slats and makes Clap! totally waterproof and also suitable for contexts exposed to high humidity and subject to accumulation of deep dirt, which require constant cleaning with liquid products. Easy and quick installation The installation is carried out with a floating system and a waterproof U-Click interlock system between slats. Including at the base an acoustic mat, already incorporated in the slat and in the total thickness of 5mm, Clap! is laid dry on a screed or on the existing floor, thus drastically speeding up the laying. All without the use of adhesives. Installation on radiant panels is also possible, an advantageous solution even after installation, since Clap! absorbs and diffuses heat much more quickly than ceramic. The U-Click system is simple and intuitive, making the installation quicker and therefore more economical, reducing the working time of specialised personnel; moreover, it favours do-it-yourself installation by people with good manual skills. In addition, compared to ceramic, Clap! can be easily installed on an existing floor thanks to several factors including: extremely reduced thickness (3 and 5 mm installed), almost no expansion - which allows the elimination of joints - and its rigid structure that allows direct installation even on ceramic with wide joint, without smoothing. Finally Clap! can easily be disassembled and replaced. Easy maintenance The Clap! surface is closed pore, which prevents the absorption of any type of stain, unlike parquet. Cleaning requires no special care, simple and fast with a non-abrasive detergent. Soundproofing The acoustic mat embedded in the floor, in addition to speeding up the laying, automatically leads to an advantageous acoustic insulation and to a high level of absorption of trampling noises. Safety, quality, environmental sustainability In line with the company philosophy, Clap! is an eco-sustainable product made of 100% recyclable materials and complies with current regulations regarding the environment, health and safety.


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