31 Truly Freaky Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions


by M. W. Byrne

The haunted house is a tradition as old as Halloween, but rarely is it done well. For every decent haunted maze there’s a few hundred weak-sauce imitations that suffer from too little imagination, insufficient planning, and a lack of proper funding. Devotees of the true haunted experience are thus forced to burn a calorie and travel far and wide to really get a good scare in a well-designed spook shack.

While there might not be a haunted house, maze, event, or attraction right down the road from you, there’s a few epicenters around that you can reach, whether here in the United States or elsewhere in the world. So you know where to go, here’s the 31 best haunted happenings from every corner of the globe.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

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Houston, TX

The real attraction here is the VR Zombie survival game. You don a headset and are subjected to a dark, zombie-filled house with nothing but a pistol and flashlight. It’s high-tech fun.


Asylum 49

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Tooele, UT

A terrifying hands-on experience where they allow you to be separated from your group for literal hours, shoved in a box, abandoned, and drug around, it’s not for the touch-adverse. Wicked fun that keeps going just when you think it’s over.


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

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Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

The hayride itself is a long, slow, arduous trip that is full of spooks. Then there’s “on foot” chase areas, a pitch-black maze, and sections that drag you through several secret society rituals that are well executed by the actors.


Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill

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Phoenix, AZ

A little on the short side, and a bit pricey, this is still a classically terrifying time where they manage to surprise even the well-guarded with some strange and unusual psychological tricks and traps.


Basement of the Dead

by Dana Beverly via danabeverlyphotography.wordpress.com

Aurora, IL

A former laundry company that burned down in the 60’s, killing two, the legend says that several workers have disappeared from this spot. While the veracity of that is suspect, we know that the creepy Saw-esque haunted maze is good, gory fun.


Netherworld Haunted House

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Atlanta, GA

There’s a pair of houses to choose from, each full of dramatically lit spectres and macabre otherworldly creatures. That’s just the teaser material, however, as it gets really rough just when you think you know what you’re dealing with.


13th Floor

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Denver, CO

As heart-stoppingly terrifying as a tax audit, they kindly prepare you for what’s going to happen by telling you the legends, then letting you see how much worse the reality is than the stories.


Halloween Horror Nights

by Michael Gavin via insidethemagic.net

Universal City, Los Angeles, CA

Major cinephiles tend to enjoy this the most, as it’s put on by Universal Studios and has loads of tie-ins from horror both new and old. It’s less scary and more fun than most, but the broad range of offerings makes it good for the “theme-park” goer not looking to stop their heart.


Trail of Terror

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Walingford, CT

The fear here isn’t just in the atmosphere, it’s that you’re constantly off-balance, literally. You have to crawl, duck, and scramble around, which puts you on edge for the effective startles to hit you time and again.


Labyrinth of Fear

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Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan

Seriously, it’s worth going to Japan just for this. A former hospital where patients had their organs literally stolen, you’ll get dumped through trapdoors, dropped into pits, and tormented every step along the way.


Gates of Misery

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Rome, GA

Go through the warped schoolhouse, hit the eerie labyrinth, or do both, this is 12,000 square feet of torture that is easy to get lost in and tough to navigate since you constantly feel spun.


The Shallow Grave

by Michael Gavin via kitsuneverse.blogspot.com

Winter Haven, FL

These haunted houses are disturbingly well-maintained to the point that the air has an unsettling aroma that adds to the gruesome atmosphere. Throughout the process, you’re stalked from room to room by frightening characters in tableaus that make your skin crawl.


Knott’s Halloween Haunt

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Buena Park, CA

Another spectacle-laden adventure park for those who want a lot of variety, Knott’s “Scary Farm” is a rich buffet of haunted experiences from the playful Elvira shows to those with a more grim take on Halloween.


Lost Souls Alley

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Kraków, Poland

An indoor maze lit only by the weak flashlight they issue you, Lost Souls Alley uses the dire history of Poland to maximum effect. You get lost, you stumble, and are harried each moment, even if only by grim silence and darkness.


Fear Factory

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Salt Lake City, UT

Both virtual reality and real life terrors await at the Fear Factory. Don’t let the Mormon influence in Utah keep you away. This is as fun and frightening as any secular town.


Haunted Overload

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Lee, NH

An outdoor experience that goes big for effect, it’s bad enough to be trapped in the New England woods with Patriots fans. Add in the award-winning terror and handmade costumes, and you’ve got a real haunted hootenanny on your hands.



via thrillvania.com

Terrell, TX

50 acres and three haunted houses complete with cemetery gives Thrillvania the scope and magnitude to keep the hits coming, and the nasty surprises to make you wish it was a little smaller.


Erebus Haunted House

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Pontiac, MI

Michigan is full of old industrial sites that have gone to ruin. Melding the reality with the fantasy, and leaving you breathless with the result, it’s a horror workout.


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