6 Simple Design Ideas for a High End Kitchen


While a lucky few of us may have the spare money to indulge in the latest appliances and furniture for our kitchens, the majority of us don’t. However, this shouldn’t deter you from creating a high end kitchen to be proud of.

Some helpful, inexpensive changes can go a long way to ensuring that the heart of your home becomes a room that will impress any visitors and give it a high end look without breaking the bank.


Light Fittings

Illuminating the best features in your kitchen is a brilliant way to point focus to your higher-end appliances and furniture. Spotlighting under cabinets is a great way of creating this effect, and will work to ensure that every part of your kitchen is illuminated to perfection.

Sourcing cheap battery-run spotlights is an extremely inexpensive way of doing this, but you can also install a run of spotlights if your budget allows.

A central light fitting can also be a good way to get that high-end look. Head to antique stores and source a chandelier that doesn’t need too much maintenance. This will not break the bank and will also create an impressive focal point to your kitchen.


Quality Counters

Impressive looking counter tops are a sure fire way of dragging your kitchen out of the doldrums of the past and into the high-end present.

However, marble tops for example, can be an extremely expensive addition, especially if you have plenty of counter space to work with.

Sourcing affordable, “faux” finish counter tops that are not quite the real thing but look amazingly authentic is a great option on a budget. Laminate worktops are now available that imitate more expensive options like granite and marble. Get yourself a superb quality imitation and no-one will ever know!


Re-Create Cabinets

Even the most basic budget kitchen cabinet can be given a facelift with a coat of paint in an elegant, high-end shade. This is something that can be done at home, with the right online guidance.


If you are happy with the colour of your kitchen cabinets, it may be worth replacing the handles or doors. This is an inexpensive job, especially as most cabinets tend to have the same fittings.

Always go for soft, elegance when going for a high-end style. This means no overpowering colours on your cabinets and no bizarrely shaped handles. Anything to loud will work against the sleek, clear pallet of your high-end kitchen.


Utilize the Space 

To get the high-end kitchen you so desperately want, you do not have to re-arrange the entire floor plan of your house. So forget smashing walls down and extensions, use the space that you do have and use it to the very best of its potential.


One fundamental idea when thinking about the space in your kitchen is to make use of any natural lighting that may be coming through windows or doors. Use the daylight to your advantage and emphasise your finest fixtures or amazing appliances; possibly centre a breakfast bar, prep area or dining space in the light to underpin that area as the central hub of kitchen activity.


Allow your kitchen to breathe by utilizing as much floor space as possible. Hide the mops and ironing boards and keep shoes in another room. The more floor space on display, the lighter your kitchen will feel, especially if you have a floor material you are proud of.


A Touch of Tiling

Adding tiling to the walls of your kitchen can be a really classy touch but this is often an expensive adventure.

Focusing on one small part of the walls and using them as a feature is perhaps the best option for this. It will cut back on costs while still adding the beautiful effect of stellar tiling. Try installing tiles as a splashback over your hob; this means that they protect your walls while also providing an appealingly pleasing feature.


Add Classic Artwork

Combine neutrally painted walls with some really eye-catching artwork to ensure that your high-end kitchen has high-end aesthetics.

You don’t have to spend a disproportionate amount of money on and artwork. Simple prints in basic frames can look fantastic, especially if they add some sparkling colour to your more toned down kitchen colours.

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