Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off


It looks as if a smart speaker will soon be a feature of every home. At present, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two market leaders and they have recently begun to expand internationally. The Amazon Echo currently controls 68% of the smart speaker market but the Google Home is fast gaining ground.

Articles are being written every day comparing the two but according to this infographic from Half Price, the Amazon Echo still leads the way. Firstly, when it comes to features the Amazon Echo, by virtue of the fact it’s been around longer, workers with a wider range of household devices.

Many still believe that the skills category is what sets the Amazon Echo and the Google Home apart but it’s important to keep in minds that they are both constantly changing updating their speakers and both companies will be working every day to ensure their products are at their best.

However, if music is really your thing the Google Home may be the one to go for as it allows you to listen to audio from Google Play Music and YouTube and if you have a Chromecast you can connect it to other speakers. Find out more about both smart speakers in the infographic.

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