"Moth to a Flame" Paintings by Allyson Reynolds
"Clarity" Hyperrealistic Paintings by Jason de Graaf
"Tiny Bubbles" Paintings by Matthew Davis
"Big Data" Paintings by Jon Tarleton
"The Good China" Ceramic Sculptures by Eva Hild
"Addict" Glass Pills by Beverly Fishman
"Hanging Around" Photography by Deanna Dikeman
"Thirsty" Sculptures Made of Drinking Straws
"Stoned" Paintings by Carly Waito
"Buttoned Up" Sculptures by Augusto Esquivel
"Razor's Edge" Works by Elliott Puckette
"Background Noise" Paintings by Kevin Peterson
"Back of the Envelope" Drawings by Mark Powell
"City Slicker" Paintings by Carl Laubin
"Shoe Fetish" Sculptures by Gwen Murphy
"Resolution" PVC Pipe Sculptures by Kang Duck Bong
"A Bug's Life" Insect Art by Kyle Bean
"Labeled" Collages by Troy Dugas
"Cavities" Sculptures by Jim Hodges
Paintings by Winston Chimielinski
Paintings by Winston Chimielinski
"Pop Top" Bottle Cap Portraits by Molly B. Bright
Sculptures by Gregory J. Whyte
Sculptures by Gregory J. Whyte
"DooDad" Sculptures by Phillip Low
"Cook Book" Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley
"Braille Playboy" Works by Tricia Wright
"Funny Papers" Photorealism by Glennray Tutor
"Sweet" Work Made Entirely of Cupcake Sprinkles
"Strip" Sculptures by Beat Zoderer
"Super Hero" Photographs by Sacha Goldberger
"Threads" by Debbie Smyth
"Fragile" Photography by Petrina Hicks
"Sitting Pretty" Paintings by William P. Immer
"Corn Rows" Paintings by So Yoon Lym
"Viral Spiral" Pen and Ink Drawings by Chan Hwee Chong
"Augmented Reality" Photographs by Ysabel LeMay
"White Trash" Paintings on Garbage by Kim Alsbrooks