"Job Opening" Paintings by Gerhard Riebbeck
"Up Close and Personal" Paintings by Patricia Bellan-Gillen
"Tattoos, But Not Where You Think" by Theresa Honeywell
"Flocked" Paper Sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield
"Local Color" Paintings by Yago Hortal
"Body Work" Embroidery Art
"Smorgasbord" Paintings by Eddie Martinez
 Portrait of Steve Jobs by Dylan Roscover
Portrait of Steve Jobs by Dylan Roscover
"Pressed" Works by Victor Maldonado
"Negative/Positive" Scratchboard Works by Jane Masters
"Blank Stare" Paintings by Lu Cong
"Nimble Thimble" Textile Sculptures by Simone Pheulpin
"Thumbs Up" Serious LikeFest
"Book Club" Paintings by Stanford Kay
"Mmm Mmm Good" Sculptures by Devorah Sperber
"Mmm Mmm Good" Sculptures by Devorah Sperber
"Chest Hair" Jewelry by Kerry Howley
"Money Talks" Paper Art by Dan Tague
"Construction Project" Paintings by Altoon Sultan
"Tarnished" Creative Clean Up by Jim Dingilian
"WHOO WHOO" Paintings by Portia Hein
"Trim" Paper Cut Works by Emma Van Leest
"EYE SPY" Paintings by Joshua Suda
"Rooted" Sculptures by Jorge Mayet
"Drenched" Water Art by Eric Tillinghast
"O.K. This is Just Weird" Paintings by Peter Schuyff
"Split" Pencil Sculptures by David Poppie
"Preservationist" Paintings by Greg Gandy
"Loose Change" Metalwork by Stacey Lee Webber
"Scroll Up" Farsi Scroll Sculptures by Hadieh Shafie
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" Works by Tripti Gupta
"Master of Disguise" Paintings by Jennifer Balkan
"Bullet Proof" Carvings on School Desks by Ben Turnbull
"Back in Black" Paintings by Don Voisine
"City Scapes" Photography by Pierre Attal
"Stuck" Pushpin art by Eric Daigh