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How To Improve Your Website Security

Most people may think that their site is not worth being hacked for, but in reality, a lot of websites are being exploited, hacked, and compromised all the time. These security breaches are not always about defacing your website or stealing your data, but instead, they would attempt to set-up a temporary web server, or even use your current server as an email relay for spam. Ultimately, your website can be used for illegal or inappropriate matters, which can certainly damage your brand and busin

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Reasons to Have a Free Streaming App for E-commerce Business

Live streaming has since gained traction in becoming the next big thing in e-commerce because consumers find videos more relatable compared with traditional ads, in addition to videos being more engaging, fun, and interactive. And to stay competitive in this cutthroat, lucrative industry, online businesses have turned to live streaming to market their products or services and reach a wider network.

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Amazon Echo VS. Google Home: Face-Off

It looks as if a smart speaker will soon be a feature of every home. At present, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two market leaders and they have recently begun to expand internationally. The Amazon Echo currently controls 68% of the smart speaker market but the Google Home is fast gaining ground. Articles are being written every day comparing the two but according to this infographic from Half Price, the Amazon Echo still leads the way.

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The Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things IoT is becoming increasingly commonplace throughout our world. Indeed, it is already beginning to influence the development of mobile apps in numerous ways, an influence that will only become more pronounced with the passage of time.

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