DIY Upcycled Halloween Pumpkins




Eight simple but stunning ways to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween. Our no-cut methods utilize reused and recycled items you probably already have in your home to reduce the carbon footprint of your Halloween. Not cutting the pumpkins means you get to enjoy eating them once their ghoulish goals are realized.


green moxie balls 

This Halloween pumpkin will give you goose bumps! Make pompoms from left-over yarn. Glue in place with a glue gun.


Green living stockings

This sassy Halloween pumpkin is easy to make and looks really posh. Push pumpkin down to the toe end of a old pair of fishnet leggings. Tie a knot in the top, cut with a scissors and secure with a ribbon.


Green living laces

This arsenic and lace Halloween pumpkin utilizes your old haberdashery scraps for a good scare. Use old scraps of lace or cut out sequins from dresses (pictured here). Use a glue gun to secure to pumpkin.


Green living bats

Cut bat wings out of scraps of felt or old fabric. Use a glue gun to secure to the pumpkin. You can stiffen the fabric with starch or paint on white glue and leave to dry. Hang this pumpkin from fishing line for added effect.


green living felt 

Cut out felt or fabric mustaches and hearts for these simple, but effective designs. You can also use a black marker to achieve the same result on your Halloween pumpkin.


Green living webs

Use a black marker to draw designs onto your Halloween pumpkins. You can also use left over black paint. Make stencils by printing shapes onto used cardboard and cutting them out. Hold the cardboard cutouts against the side of the pumpkin and paint over them. Select pumpkins with flat sides for best results.


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