Learn The Value of Quartz Worktops


Natural quartz crystals are deep mined mineral, grounded into an aggregate or dust then combined with resin binders under intense pressure and heat in order to form a strong and solid slab. Some pigments are being added during the process to bring rich colors to the worktop.

This worktop material is extremely durable, resistant to bacteria, as well as naturally stain-resistant which means you don’t need to seal them ever. Quartz is also softer than granite-- meaning it won’t chip as easily as the natural granite worktop, and any seams are much easier to hide than other natural stone slabs. Aside from that, it is also cheaper to install than granite.


The only drawbacks to Quartz are that it may discolor over time when continuously exposed to extreme sunlight, and they are in fact, heavier than granite. Other than that, this surface material is ultra-sleek, practical and super stylish.

How much do they cost?

Homeowners eager to obtain this worktop material should expect to pay about the same price as for natural stone; which would be around $60 to $90 per square foot, including installation fee (may depend from different brands).


How long would their beauty and function last?

The answer to that is for as long as your kitchen exists. Numerous Quartz worktop manufacturers render warranties ranging from 10 or 15 years up to lifetime; depending on the company policy.


Should you hire a pro or DIY?

Like any other natural stone, Quartz slabs can be very heavy. Though the added resins allow them to be more flexible, they, too, can crack when handled improperly. It is important to work only with certified installers for this crucial task. After all, you’d want your kitchen to look well-made by skilled professionals.


Essentially, both quartz and granite worktops will provide your kitchen with an ethereal beauty that will surely last for a long time. It’s just that Granite exhibits a more traditional feel to your kitchen, while Quartz worktops offers more of a contemporary vibe. In the end, the choice really depends on what your budget will allow, and which worktop material speaks more to you.

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