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Materialicious is a bold, up and coming online destination site available to millions of followers worldwide. It attracts modern lives seeking to curate and promote a more eclectic lifestyle.

Since its launch in 2008, materialicious has become a social-sourced site in the truest sense. It is a user-submitted visual curation site featuring the latest in modern architecture, design, craftsmanship, materials and products. It is driven by over 1,000 content providers from around the world, giving users exactly what they need to transform every part of their lives: from cool gadgets and apparel, to dream appliances and homes. The allure is multi-faceted and visitors love the design eye candy.

Our content is followed by millions of online users across the globe. Those loyal followers are influential and highly engaged. This is what makes materialicious one of the most attractive environments for advertisers. For information and details on promotional opportunities on materialicious, please contact:

Christine Aufderhaar @ (920) 206-1768