Modern Gas Fires For Compact Homes


A lot of home owners want to integrate a stunning fireplace in their property. But the reality is, not everyone can afford to purchase a huge home to fit a similarly large fireplace unit. Even so, you must not let that become a hindrance in making your space look cosy and inviting.


Fireplaces have become a must-have for most home owners as it provides comfort and warmth during the cold season— but more often than not, it can really take up a lot of room in your home. Good news is, a lot of fireplace design nowadays can seamlessly fit any space; no matter how compact it may be.


Here are some modern gas fire designs that you could incorporate in your home:


The Stylish Divider

Aside from being a fireplace unit, this particular design also serves as a stylish space divider. It has a specific layout that’s ideal for homes with existing chimney breast, or even as a new set-up. If you’re not a fan of the matt finish and its monochromatic palette, you can always modify the design to fit your preference.


Elegantly Simple

If you’re not too keen of having a huge fireplace, or maybe your home could not accommodate one— then this elegant gas fire will definitely suit you. This unit has sleek lines and sculptured façade that can also be mounted into the wall, allowing a luxurious curved finish. It’s sophisticated and simple; perfect for just about any home scheme.


The Circular Design

If you’re looking for something entirely different, consider this stylish modern gas fire that won’t take up too much wall space. You can also customize its size, so it would seamlessly fit your walls without overcrowding the area. This design is also a double-sided bespoke unit that can be mounted in between rooms to fully maximize its practicality and function.


Traditional Layout

This modern gas fire offers a glorious view of the dazzling flames, whilst radiating warmth and comfort to the entire room. The glazed front of this unit guarantees an all-out heat efficacy. The glass also features a distinctive anti-reflective property so the flames can be adored to their full extent. Additionally, this traditional-looking gas fire actually has a ground-breaking fire technology to ensure high-quality function.


The Wood Tones

Modern and efficient gas fires like this particular design right here, can also be installed into new homes that does not have any existing chimneys. With its high heat output, it can definitely cosy up any room while offering a relaxing atmosphere. This specific colour palette with pale wood tones also invites a peaceful vibe into your home.


Transform the look of your compact home with these modern gas fire designs!