Modern Wall Gas Fire Designs


Looking for some modern gas fires to install in your home? You’ve come to right place! Here are some stunning designs that you could seamlessly integrate into your wall. Have a look at these contemporary pieces and transform your space now!


Modern Decorative Element

An elegant modern fireplace that uses three pieces of glass such as this, allows a stunning view of the flames. This gas fire was custom-made to perfectly suit the lifestyle and interior design of the client. The extended hearth running along the wall also adds a stunning feature to this modern layout, it can even be clad with marble to create a cosy seating area or a decorative shelf.

The Traditional Look

This layout shows that modern gas fires can be also be incorporated into a more traditional setting. This particular design has full-length flame and 1500mm wide opening to achieve utmost comfort while dining with friends and family. Also, the flame height can be easily adjusted with the use of a remote control.

Incorporating Marble

Sophisticated fireplaces usually has contemporary mantlepiece or fire surround. This specific design opted to integrate an elegant carrara marble with gold painted steel for a high-class look. Clients can also modify the design and add in different elements including brushed brass, copper finish, and even stainless steel.

Contemporary Vibe

With its floating canopy, this modern wall gas fire exudes raw beauty. The base of this design was also sized and designed to perfectly fit the entire space, but it could also be made from wood to be used as a convenient storage space. However, if you want a cozy reading area to relax on, then better stick to this layout and just throw some cushions for additional comfort. No matter what design you want to go for, this modern gas fire is certainly exquisite and elegant.

The Entertainment Area

This one’s a completely bespoke gas fire that was designed to be an ultimate media wall, where entertainment meets modern design. At a mere click of a button, the sleek panel above the gas fire smoothly slides to unveil the TV hidden behind it.

You don’t have to worry about safety issues, as the section above the gas fire is particularly designed to protect the TV from high temperatures. The steel back panel also provides heat protection to the rear wall, while adding a contemporary feature to the unit.


These modern gas fires are made to suit your busy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Transform the look of your home with these stunning pieces!




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