Reasons to Have a Free Streaming App for E-commerce Business


Live streaming has since gained traction in becoming the next big thing in e-commerce because consumers find videos more relatable compared with traditional ads, in addition to videos being more engaging, fun, and interactive. And to stay competitive in this cutthroat, lucrative industry, online businesses have turned to live streaming to market their products or services and reach a wider network.

Thus, live video streaming has helped brands, and even start-up businesses, build their online presence. Engaging live video interaction allows the customers to know the brand and what it can offer. 

Live streaming can range from on-the-spot vlogs to live broadcasts of product reviews to videos crafted with much effort. Although there are available streaming apps online to market e-commerce businesses, other online retailers still prefer building their own free streaming app.

So, how does your e-commerce business really benefit by having a free streaming app for Android like Popcorn Time?

The answer is simple—free streaming apps for e-commerce business are built with a specific purpose, to live stream products or services the business offers and interactively engage with a target audience.

Also, apps are 1.5 faster compared with websites and more compatible with any device. Furthermore, consumers can personalise their content according to their interest, location, etc. so they can easily sort through updates.

If your e-commerce streaming app provides offline access, then customers can easily watch videos on-demand anytime, anywhere without Internet connection after downloading the whole video. They can also show video with friends offline—Free marketing!

Then, there are push notifications and instant updates that alert users with what’s new and what’s hot. Perhaps the greatest benefit to having an online free streaming app is productivity and cost reduction. Communication between consumers and vendors increases because both are in one community, so replying to inquiries is faster than ever.

Costs are also reduced since your customers can share your app via word of mouth or through social media platforms. By having a mobile app, you also increase your chances of being ranked higher on Google’s SERP. 

Advantages of live streaming for online marketing

  1. Live streaming like unboxing videos help build consumer trust

Many online marketers have done unboxing videos because it raises consumer trust. By live streaming videos of the products, you help consumers see the products for what they really are. Also, consumers can learn the product’s benefits and best features, and they can get great tips and tricks on making the most out of their soon-to-be-purchased item.

And using real-time interaction, consumers can ask questions and you as the marketer can engage with them and answers all their queries. This is a sure-fire way of selling your products across the world.

  1. Increases consumer’s chances of buying an item

Consumers barely read product descriptions in today’s fast-paced world, not that they are lazy. They would rather watch videos, as it allows them to absorb more information faster in an engaging format. And because consumers spend more time watching the product on video, it increases the chances of them purchasing the item.

  1. Create a sense of urgency in live streaming

Let’s face it—we humans are wired to react to a sense of urgency. When you live stream a product or even an event for your e-commerce business and create a sense of urgency, like “Buy now and get 20% discount on this item,” the live stream becomes a rare and urgent event, prompting the consumer to hit that “Add to cart” button.

  1. Online interaction via live streaming

Whip up noise for your brand, in a positive way, by interacting with your customers. Make sure content is interesting for your target customers and for those outside your brand so that you can give them the opportunity to get to know what products or services you are offering.

  1. Videos improve conversion rates

All of the above benefits lead to one thing—conversion rates. Well-thought-out live stream video that takes into account the target consumer will increase chances of the consumers converting.

These are only a few of the many benefits of including live streaming for your web design London sites and having a free streaming app for your e-commerce business. However, to do this right, an interactive marketing strategy, such as live streaming, must factor in the following:

  • Delivering the right message using the right channel at the right time
  • Consumer behaviour like actions, motivation, etc.

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