Stone Interior Feature Walls for Modern Times


by Norstone USA


Long associated with the castles and cellars of medieval Europe, stone walls have been enjoying a nice renaissance of their own in the world of high design for the past several years. With the advent of thin veneer products like Norstone's rock panel and 3d panel systems, installers now work with this product in a similar fashion to tile, making installations much quicker, more consistent, and adaptable to a wide range of installers. What was previously the realm of highly skilled stonemasons can now be duplicated by a tile installer without anyone knowing the difference!


From a design standpoint, stone comes in a variety of colors and textures to make it adaptable to most design schemes. In this first example a client in Brooklyn, NY is drawing on mid century modern inspiration when designing their space. The indoor stone veneer wall in white quartz fits the color scheme of the rest of the area and is a perfect compliment to the clean and smooth lines of the rest of the space. And just to prove things aren't always how they look – the large piece of art in this photo is suspended on tracks from the ceiling, and can actually be easily moved to the side to reveal an inset flat screen tv.


Dark colored stone is the traditional color range most people think of when it comes to stone, and is wildly popular in today's contemporary leaning designs. This Chicago area apartment embraces a black and white color scheme and is clued into the natural element the stone brings in by pairing it eloquently with an aged tree branch to juxtapose natural elements of the design against the interior space they are being used in.


Our next stone wall is found deep in the heart of the Dallas, TX and handsomely adorns the corner of a breakfast nook that is superbly decorated with a minimalist table with bench seating, and set off by an extravagant chandelier. The smooth lines of the furniture nicely counterbalance the textured aesthetic of the wall and light fixture while the ochre color of the stone naturally compliments the color pallete of the floor and table.


Another dimension to experiment in when working on interior stone veneer is light. As with many surfaces, the type of and direction light is used in relation to stone can greatly change how it looks. This next project from a wine room in Orlando, FL is a subtle yet stunning use of the Ivory stone used as the backdrop for a wine racking system, highlighted by both under and over diffused lighting. The light itself and the shadows it creates add to the visual interest of this interior stone wall.


Beyond texture, stone can be as appealing in a smooth format. Silky to the touch, this combination interior stone feature wall, fireplace, and entertainment in Austin, TX is a beautiful to behold. The honed finish of the Grey 3D Panel really allows the geometry and clean lines of the product to come through. With grey being one of the hottest design color trends of the year, this product is ideal for any interior stone veneer feature wall project looking to make a statement.

Visit Norstone's Interior Stone Veneer Gallery for more ideas and design inspiration.

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