The Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development



The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly commonplace throughout our world. Indeed, it is already beginning to influence the development of mobile apps in numerous ways, an influence that will only become more pronounced with the passage of time.

This infographic from ERS IT Solutions ( outlines some of the ways in which IoT is expected to shape the app development landscape. Chief among these is the use of apps for home automation purposes such as controlling the lighting and heating. The development of beacon technology has enabled homeowners to manage their utilities efficiently while away from their residences.

App developers are also beginning to shift their focus from the function of the app to the function of the thing to which the app intends to connect. This could require a more detailed understanding of the thing’s ingrained technology, as this is likely to guide the development of the app. It could also necessitate new methods of connectivity if the likes of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi do not work.

Of course, trying to predict exactly how IoT will impact on app development is a mug’s game, given that technologies such as IoT could evolve far quicker than projected. For all we currently know, we could merely be scratching the surface of what IoT can enable us to do via mobile devices. That said, the infographic below gives a solid, interesting insight into what we can come to expect.

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