The Ultimate Flooring Guide for Small Bathrooms


Small is cute and easy to design and uphold. The size of houses become smaller, similarly the space of rooms, and bathrooms also get reduced. And nowadays this culture in on fire in Singapore and other countries, as the brands offering quality and luxurious flooring options like vinyl flooring designs, make the bathroom look magnificent.

As we all know, the bathroom is the wettest part of the house. It has to face whole day traffic from morning to late night. Dirty pets, muddy kids all get gutted in the bathroom. So it needs extra consideration while designing and flooring the bathroom. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom few things are common one should ruminate while deciding flooring for the bathroom such as flooring must be anti-skid, durable, and water resilient.

Now check out the latest flooring options for small bathrooms:

Pocket-friendly: Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tiles have all the properties needed for wet area floor covering such as are durability, anti-skid, and water resilient. They fall under the category of ceramic tiles and are also pocket-friendly. You can pick different shapes and sizes best suited to enhance the appearance of your small bathroom. These tiles are also easy to maintain. Market avails you variety of porcelain tile gives you a chance to create the exact flooring you want even a wood or stone look.

Highly trendy: Vinyl flooring (Sheets and Planks)

The latest innovation in flooring is vinyl flooring. Its valuable features directly grab your attention like it is economical, stylish, durable, easy to install, water-resistant and anti-slippery. It is soft and warm to touch with bare feet even in cold season. The main property needed for bathroom flooring is it should not absorb water, and here vinyl sheet flooring act like a hero. This flooring is also easy to clean and install.

If you want a high-end look, and vinyl flooring features then opt for luxury vinyl planks. They hold the same properties as vinyl sheet flooring. You can also install them on the existing flooring easily to remodel the bathroom.

Whether you want a stone look or wood look, vinyl flooring designs in Singapore are available in various styles and textures. So relax and choose the one suits your personality.

Close to nature: Natural stone

Natural stone flooring is extravagant but can make a dent in your pocket if your budget is low. Highly durable natural stone flooring offers you high-end look with many aesthetic choices of texture and material like marble, granite, and slate to choose from. This flooring is water or moisture repellent, can be a good choice for bathroom flooring. The installation of this flooring is not tranquil. You always need a professional to complete the task. Natural stone flooring needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

Innovative: Engineered hardwood

If you want wood look in the bathroom then engineered hardwood can serve your purpose. Engineered hardwood is made up of many layers and a veneer top. It stands up well to the moisture and humidity and can installed over existing flooring. Available in a variety of options this flooring is highly expensive.

Good luck!

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