Things to Consider in Matt Kitchens Renovation


Renovating your home kitchen is a major undertaking. You need to take a hard look at where your kitchen is now in terms of functionality and create a roadmap to successfully create your dream kitchen. Also, you need to factor in the available space, aesthetic options, and your budget.

Hence, plan everything accordingly. Planning should eat up most of the renovation time. This is to avoid any unforeseen construction that may arise during the project, if not lessened. A solid plan also helps to keep you on track with your budget.

So, here are 6 things to consider for your home kitchen makeover.

Construction Timeline

How much time are you willing to spend for your renovation project? Consider that while the renovation is ongoing, you and your family will have to utilize a makeshift kitchen. This may inconvenience other family members or interrupt routine kitchen activities.

So come up with a timeline of the start and estimated completion of your project. Then, orient every single family member of the possible repercussion of having people around the house doing the construction work, moving equipment, the noise, and dust, etc.

By creating a timeline for your projects, you avoid the possibility of changing your mind during the contraction process, which could inflate the cost of construction.


The most critical factor in any renovation is, of course, the budget. Kitchen renovations vary greatly in the overall cost, and the budget sets the homeowner to stay within their means unless of course budget is not a concern.

So, before picking out your ideal countertop, backsplash, cabinet door finishes or new appliances, get a calculator first and compute how much you are willing to spend. If you have a realistic budget, which ideally ranges from 6 to 10% of your home’s overall value, you’ll be able to determine where to save, splurge and make compromises during the construction process.

Existing space

The existing kitchen space will narrow down the possible layout for your renovation project. Is there enough room for a kitchen island or do you need to knock down a wall to make it fit? Is there enough space for a prep sink or an extra storage? If you are unsure how to approach this, you can always seek the advice of an architect or a kitchen designer to help come up with a solid plan for your new luxury kitchen.

Your lifestyle

These days, kitchens are no longer solely for cooking. Most homeowners utilize their kitchen for entertainment purposes. So, identify first if you plan on using the kitchen for cooking, entertaining or both for prioritizing kitchen features.

If you love hosting and throwing get-togethers at home, then a kitchen island is the perfect for that function as it keeps guests off the cooking process yet be near enough to mingle with. Meanwhile, an open layout is ideal if there are children in the house. This will allow you to keep an eye on them as you prepare the meals.

Existing kitchen layout and infrastructure

Changing the electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, etc. will definitely drive up the cost of the renovation. So, also check which water fixtures, appliances, walls, etc. can be kept in place.

Further, whether you like it or not, doors and windows sometimes are not where you want them placed, and you might be stuck with that, especially when you are on a tight budget. So talk to your kitchen designer or architect to find a way around it and achieve the kitchen layout you want and save on cost.


Not only can proper lighting make your kitchen look larger and brighter, but also it helps to work efficiently and safely. Consider having both ambient and task lighting. If you have a small kitchen, light colors can make it look bigger.

Once you have a grasp of how you want your new matt kitchens and create a good plan, then you can begin work with as little problems as possible. The renovation project might be a difficult undertaking, but with proper planning, budgeting, and an open mind, then your new investment will be worth it in the long run.